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Fuel Uses Education and Inspiration to Make Impassioned Case for Green Energy

"The narrative of Fuel follows the life of its director, Josh Tickell, and his near-lifelong quest to cleanse America of its addiction to oil by tirelessly promoting clean, renewable alternatives to petroleum power. Tickell’s story begins in Louisiana, the heart of American oil refining, where he spent much of his youth. As a boy, he was exposed to the pollution of air, soil, and water that was the result of decades of oil drilling and processing. He quickly learned that the government agencies charged with protecting citizens from such pollution shunned their responsibility simply because they were in Big Oil’s pocket. The toxic waste dumped by refineries caused severe health problems in local residents, including higher rates of cancer and reproductive problems in women — a fact devastatingly humanized by Tickell’s mother choking back tears as she recalls her nine miscarriages."

- By Josh Garrett, Huffington Post

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